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Real People. Real Stories.

We’ve published several evidence-based studies, but we believe the highest standard of success is usually told by patients themselves. That’s why our most powerful evidence is found in the compelling bunion surgery stories directly from our patients.

Dear Former Patients:
Your personal stories inspire us and others.

Michelle C.
Irmgard L.
Monica T.
Sally H.
Kay N.
Emily T.
Rebecca F.W.
Christine W.
Jenni T.
Michelle C.
Malaysia / Hong Kong
Surgery: 2009
Professional Athlete & Coach

"I was seeking the least amount of physical harm possible. I'm so thankful to Dr. Wu for repairing my precious feet."

My bunions started to bother me when I started teaching long hours as a figure skating coach. But in late 2009, the pain had grown so bad that I couldn't teach anymore. I decided to have surgery, otherwise, my career would have ended.

I did a lot of research online and found Dr. Wu’s Special Bunion Surgery. The fact that it was non-bone-breaking appealed to me most. As a professional athlete, I had to seek the least amount of physical harm possible. I trusted this surgery would allow me to continue the sport I loved so much. (And I was right!)

I had my Syndesmosis Procedure in 2009. I was totally recovered and back on the ice again 6 months after the surgery. I'm so thankful to Dr. Wu for repairing my precious feet and making possible the continuation of my skating and coaching career. It was one of the most important decisions of my life, with such a rewarding outcome. My feet are functioning very well now, perhaps even better than before. I know in my heart this is the best way to fix bunions.

Two years post-surgery

One year post-surgery