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Evidence-based Publications by Dr. Wu

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion orthopaedic-journals

Dr. Daniel Wu’s latest 17 publications since 2014 were probably the most transparent orthopaedic research papers ever, even till now, because he has voluntarily submitted all raw data, including thousands of X-ray and photo images of all studied subjects, before and after their surgeries, not just words and numbers for their instant verification.

  • 2024 J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong): Are sesamoids and proximal phalanx of metatarsus primus varus deformity of hallux valgus feet displaced? A radiological study                                                                                                          Dr. Wu proved the past belief that the big toe and sesamoid bone were not displaced but only the first metatarsal was wrong, and the past surgical results are now put into question.
  • 2024 Foot & Ankle Orthopaedics: A Soft Tissue Syndesmosis Procedure Salvaging a Failed Osteotomy Procedure for Hallux Valgus Deformity Correction                                                                                                                            Salvaging a failed osteotomy procedure has been a difficult endeavour, but the no-bone-breaking syndesmosis procedure can make it much more gratifying than ever.
  • 2023 J of Foot and Ankle Surgery: Radiological Analysis of the Syndesmosis Concept in Metatarsus Primus Varus and Hallux Valgus Deformities Recurrence Prevention                                                                              Demonstrated the no-bone-breaking bunion surgery could prevent recurrence.
  • 2022 J of Foot and Ankle Surgery: The Syndesmosis Procedure Correction of Hallux Valgus Feet associated with the Metatarsus Adductus Deformity                                                                                                                        This study demonstrated that the no-bone-cutting syndesmosis procedure is equally applicable to bunion feet with the normal variant of in-toeing deformity.
  • 2021 Bone Joint Open: The metatarsus adductus effect by the syndesmosis procedure for hallux valgus correction                                       The syndesmosis procedure may accentuate the underlying normal variant in-toeing deformity but will not compromise its functional and cosmetic results.
  • 2020 Foot and Ankle International: A Prospective Radiological Study of a Preoperative First Metatarsal Realignment Test for Soft Tissue Metatarsus Primus Varus and Hallux Valgus Deformities Correction by the Syndesmosis Procedure                                                                                              This study was conducted to demonstrate that possibly all displaced first metatarsal bones of acquired bunion feet can be corrected with the simple suturing technique of the syndesmosis procedure, instead of breaking them.
  • 2018 Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery: Can the Syndesmosis Procedure Prevent Metatarsus Primus Varus and Hallux Valgus Deformity Recurrence? A 5-Year Prospective Study.
    Dr. Wu’s preeminent publication to date, providing unequivocal evidence that Syndesmosis Surgery can prevent future recurrence.
  • 2018 Journal of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation: Os intermetatarseum may not interfere with metatarsus primus varus deformity correction: A case report.
    A common myth among surgeons is finally debunked by the Syndesmosis Procedure.
  • 2018 Journal of Orthopaedics Case Reports: A Case Report of Spontaneous Second Toe Varus Deformity Correction after Hallux Valgus Deformity Correction by a Non-osteotomy Technique: Syndesmosis Procedure.
    Proves that everything is connected and demonstrates the power of correcting the root of problem.
  • 2016 JSM Foot and Ankle: A Physiological Soft Tissue Procedure for Hallux Valgus Deformity Correction.
    An in-depth analysis and demonstration of the simple, but critical principles behind Syndesmosis Surgery.
  • 2016 The Foot: Salvaging of a failed Lapidus procedure by the soft tissue osteodesis procedure: A six-year follow-up case report.
    Exhibiting a correction surgery (and previously unthinkable feat) made possible by “treating according to pathology.”
  • 2015 Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery: A retrospective study of 63 hallux valgus corrections using the osteodesis procedure.
    Syndesmosis Surgery delivers consistent results thanks to its physiological and minimally-traumatic treatment principles.
  • 2014 Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research: Osteodesis for Hallux Valgus Correction: Is it Effective?
    All levels of severities can be corrected by Syndesmosis Surgery, simply because it truly addresses the common root pathology.
  • 2014 The Bone & Joint Journal: The use of a syndesmosis procedure for the treatment of hallux valgus: good clinical and radiological results two years post-operatively.
    Establishes that Syndesmosis Surgery is a true advocate of “bunion surgery for optimal function.”
  • 2010 The Foot and Ankle Online Journal: Does Wearing High-heeled Shoe Cause Hallux Valgus? A Survey of 1,056 Chinese Females.
    Statistical evidence debunking the traditional blame on high-heels, further validated by the larger 2013 Framingham Foot Study of more than 3,000 participants.
  • 2007 Foot and Ankle International: Syndesmosis Procedure: A Non-Osteotomy Approach to Metatarsus Primus Varus Correction.
    An early case-series report was the first of subsequent Syndesmosis Surgery studies to provide indisputable evidence by releasing all raw radiological image data.
  • 2006 Hong Kong Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery: A Non-osteotomy Technique for Hallux Valgus Correction.
    The inaugural Syndesmosis Procedure publication by Dr. Wu and a simple, at home case-report.

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