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拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion one innovative surgical procedure

One innovative surgical procedure

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion correcting over 2000 feets

Correcting +2,000 feet of all bunion severities

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion no broken bones

Using the principles of preservation

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion restoring form

Restoring form & function

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion free footwear

For truly unrestricted activity & footwear

time for change

Formerly named the Center for Non-Bone-Breaking Bunion Surgery, we decided it was time for a change. As the new Center for Syndesmosis Bunion Surgery, we want to change how bunions are fundamentally understood, and therefore, surgically corrected. Much of what you’ll read on our website is not commonly found elsewhere. We believe this needs to change too.

After 35 years of consistent and repeated results, our mission is simple: to help patients and doctors find a better way to healthy, bunion-free feet.

How well do
you know
your feet?

Leonardo da Vinci said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” To appreciate Syndesmosis Bunion Surgery's full scope and power to correct your hallux valgus condition, you must first consider the big picture.

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion 28-bones-in-the-human-foot
拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion 33-joints-in-the-human-foot
拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion 100-soft-tissues-in-the-human-foot

Any deviation or trauma to a single bone or joint will forever disrupt this highly evolved system and prevent optimal function. Logic points to a less traumatic method to bring your bones and joints back into alignment.

with less

One simple living structure solves an alignment problem with over 160 moving parts.

At the heart of Syndesmosis Bunion Surgery is a technique that induces the growth of a new ligament, we named a Syndesmosis. Rather than sacrificing a healthy bone or joint, we create the environment for your body to cure itself. The result is a self-generated soft tissue among the over 100 others that already exist naturally within your foot.

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion one little ligament
拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion CHANGING THE GAME


Over 150 different techniques have been developed over the past century to treat the hallux valgus deformity. New techniques are introduced to correct the shortcomings of old techniques without truly addressing a bunion’s root cause. Unsurprisingly, they result in more shortcomings. We believe the solution lies in the common Chinese saying to “treat according to pathology.”

Knowledge is power

The decision to undergo surgery – any surgery – is a big decision. With so much inconsistent bunion information online, we aim to help you cut through the clutter to make the decision that’s right for you.

Explore the root of the problem. Learn about your options. Know what to expect. Trust your logic and instincts. Even if you live in a place where Syndesmosis Bunion Surgery is not readily available yet, let our guides help you in your knowledge journey.

"I was seeking the least amount of physical harm possible. I'm so thankful to Dr. Wu for repairing my precious feet."

"My feet turned out just fine: flexible, functional, totally pain-free. And beautiful!"

"I hope that the non-bone-breaking method will become the new standard bunion surgery method."

"I wore 4-inch heels to my 55th high school reunion. Not only was I the only woman in heels … but I could have run in them!"

"My knee pain has disappeared. Many of the activities that I couldn’t do well before, I can do now comfortably."

“My chronic back pain of 20 years – it's all gone. I have found a new appreciation for how it’s all connected.”


We’ve published several evidence-based studies, but our 35 years of patient stories speak for themselves.

About Dr.
Daniel Wu

During his surgical residency in 1980 at McMaster University, Dr. Wu encountered an Italian bunion surgery called “Osteodesis." Realizing bunions are a ligament issue, the procedure made total surgical sense to Dr. Wu. This chance encounter would go on to shape Dr. Wu's passion for and devotion to the further advancement of Syndesmosis Bunion Surgery.

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion doctor