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拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion one innovative surgical procedure

One innovative surgical procedure

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion correcting over 2000 feets

Correcting feet of all bunion severities

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion no broken bones

Using the principles of preservation

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion restoring form

Restoring form & function

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion free footwear

For truly unrestricted activity & footwear


At our bunion specific clinic, we want to change how bunions are fundamentally understood, and therefore corrected. Much of what you’ll read on our bunion clinic HK website is based on immense research and leverages the most current studies as well as latest innovations in our field, all dedicated to the correction of bunion deformity.

After 35 years of consistent and repeated results, the mission of our bunion Hong Kong center is simple: To help patients and doctors find a better way to healthy, bunion-free feet. In order to do that, our bunion HK center has refined a long-neglected and holistic way to treat bunions, which involves maximal correction of the underlying pathology and minimal surgical trauma during correction.


One simple living structure in our foot can solve alignment problems that affect over 160 moving parts. That simple structure is a ligament.

The syndesmosis procedure –  is designed to induce the growth of a new ligament to replace the incompetent existing ligaments causing the bunion deformity. Traditional procedures are centered around modifying the shape of bones or joints to compensate for the failed ligaments. Our bunion specific clinic, on the other hand, believes in creating an environment where your body can essentially help itself.


Leonardo da Vinci said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” At our bunion clinic in HK, we want to help restore your feet back to their originally intended form and function through our comprehensive bunion treatment programme. Bunions are also known as “hallux valgus”. To appreciate the scope of the treatment and procedure offered by our bunion Hong Kong center, you must first consider how the treatment actually works.

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion 28-bones-in-the-human-foot
拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion 33-joints-in-the-human-foot
拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion 100-soft-tissues-in-the-human-foot

Traditionally, bunion deformity is treated by working on the bones that get enlarged as a result of the condition. But, any deviation or trauma to a single bone or joint will forever disrupt this highly evolved system. This can cause injuries that prevent its optimal functioning. Following a less traumatic method to bring your bones and joints back into alignment is ideal to ensure your foot health is preserved in the long run. That’s exactly what we seek to do here for patients, at our bunion Hong Kong clinic.


One simple living structure in our foot can solve alignment problems that affect over 160 moving parts. That simple structure is a ligament.

Syndesmosis – A technique utilized by our bunion doctor in HK, is designed to induce the growth of a new ligament within the foot. Traditional procedures are centered around sacrificing a healthy bone or joint to treat bunion HK patients. Our bunion specific clinic, on the other hand, believes in creating an environment where your body can essentially cure itself. Our approach creates healthy, self-generated soft tissue within your bunion foot, along with over 100 others that already exist.

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion one little ligament
拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion CHANGING THE GAME


At our bunion clinic in HK, we harness and put into practice the findings of cutting-edge bunion research. In the past century, there were over 150 different techniques that have been developed to treat bunion deformity all over the world. However, the new techniques were introduced to correct the shortcomings of older techniques, without truly addressing a bunion’s root cause. Unsurprisingly, they resulted in more shortcomings because they treat only the symptom and not the actual problem. At our bunion Hong Kong center, we believe the solution lies in the common Chinese saying to “treat according to pathology.”

Knowledge is power

The decision to undergo a surgical procedure – regardless of its kind – is a big decision indeed. With so much inconsistent online information on bunion in Hong Kong, we aim to help you cut through the clutter so that you can gain and understand the necessary information to help you make the decision that is right for your long-term health.

When you visit our bunion doctor in HK, we explore the root of your current bunion deformity. You can learn about various options on treating bunion in Hong Kong, and decide if our procedure is the right choice for you. Our bunion specific clinic will also help you know what to expect prior to the procedure, during the procedure as well as during recovery.

Even if you live in a place where Syndesmosis bunion treatment is not readily available yet, let our guides help you in your knowledge journey. You can visit us for consultation on your condition, or if you would like our bunion doctor in HK to guide you through the treatment options and process.

"I was looking for options to repair my bunion feet with the least amount of physical trauma as possible. Thank you, Dr. Wu, for introducing Syndesmosis to me."

"After the procedure, my bunion feet healed and became just fine. I have regained flexibility, functionality and I walk pain-free every day.”

"After my experience, I really hope non-bone-breaking bunion HK treatment becomes the new standard in treating such conditions."

"I was a former bunion Hong Kong patient. After the procedure, I was able to wear 4-inch high heels to attend my 55th high school reunion gathering, thanks to your bunion specific clinic!"

"My bunion feet were causing me severe knee pains, and after treatment by your bunion doctor in HK, it has disappeared. I can now do the activities that I couldn’t do before."

“Your bunion clinic in HK has made my chronic back pain of 20 years go away. I have a newfound appreciation for how it’s all connected. Thank you.”


Our bunion clinic in HK has published several evidence-based studies, but our 35 years of bunion patient stories speak for themselves.

About Dr.
Daniel Wu

With years of experience in studying and treating bunion deformity, Dr. Daniel Wu first encountered an Italian bunion procedure called “Osteodesis” during his surgical residency at McMaster University back in 1980. Realizing bunions are actually a ligament issue, Osteodesis made complete sense to him as an advantageous bunion treatment. This chance encounter would go on to shape Dr. Wu's passion for and devotion to the further advancement of our Syndesmosis procedure today. If you’d like to consult with a bunion doctor in HK, please contact Dr. Wu to schedule an appointment.

拇指外翻/拇趾外翻/Bunion doctor




1. How are bunions conventionally treated?

Conventionally, bunion deformity is treated with a surgical technique that can be described as a “bone breaking” procedure. Bunion doctors in HK typically remove the enlarged bone, cut the bone and reposition it in a way that offers immediate relief and comfort from bunion pain. The surrounding tendons and ligaments may also be treated to help the bone heal and sit well.

2. What procedure is used to correct bunion deformity at your center?

At our bunion clinic in HK, our approach differs from the traditional bone breaking procedure. Instead, we treat the affected ligaments directly, to reduce the severity of your symptoms and address the bunion.

As part of this bunion procedure, we manually realign your bones, holding them in place by using ultra high strength sutures. A unique fishscaling technique, combined with the infusion of platelet rich fibrin, is done to stimulate the growth of the new Syndesmosis ligament.

3. Who is eligible for the Syndesmosis bunion HK treatment?

Normally, patients that are experiencing the following symptoms can undergo our Syndesmosis procedure:
● You have moderate-to-severe bunion deformity.
● You are unable to walk properly and/or struggle to stand.
● You are at risk of arthritic bunions.
● You are unable to get any relief from pain and inflammation through medication.

4. How long does the procedure typically last for?

Depending on the severity of your current condition, our Syndesmosis bunion treatment procedure can take anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. Our bunion clinic in HK will keep you informed about the expected duration of your procedure when you come in for a consultation, so that you can make any necessary arrangements.

5. What is the pre-procedure routine I need to follow?

Before the procedure, we recommend that you best gather your food, medication, clothes and anything you need on a daily basis to an area in your home that doesn’t involve any stairs or steep inclines. Our bunion doctor in HK will advise you not to put too much weight on your feet for the first few days as your foot heals. Ask for assistance from family members or others to be available for the next few weeks to help you travel, get groceries or medication as needed. Don’t eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours before your bunion HK procedure.

6. What is the post-procedure recovery care I need to follow?

After the procedure at our bunion specific clinic, you will need to:
● Stay seated or in bed rest, ensuring you don’t put too much weight on your foot for the next week.
● Wear a foot brace as directed by your bunion doctor in HK.
● Don’t wear high heels or cramped shoes until your foot heals.
● Take any antibiotics and pain medications that you are prescribed on schedule.
● Set aside ice packs to use just in case to reduce swelling and numb pain.
● Cover the procedure site with waterproof material or a plastic bag when bathing.
● Rent or buy crutches for temporary use, for the next few weeks.
● Get fitted for special podiatric shoes if necessary or buy wide toed shoes to prevent adding stress on your foot.
● Attend physical therapy sessions as necessary to help rehabilitate your foot, hasten recovery and regain mobility.

7. How long does it normally take to recover from the bunion procedure?

The stitches will be removed by our bunion doctor in HK about 2 weeks after the procedure. But you will be asked to wear a foot brace for at least 6-12 weeks to help you regain strength. You will see your mobility and flexibility improve in the coming months, until your foot can be declared bunion-free.

8. Do I need to come in for follow-up visits at your bunion HK clinic?

Yes, our bunion doctor in HK will provide a schedule for follow-up visits, which you will need to attend to monitor the recovery process. You can also choose to come in to our bunion Hong Kong clinic any time you have questions, experience abnormal pain or inflammation during recovery. 。

9. Does your bunion specific clinic accept insurance?

Yes. Since the bunion HK treatment is imperative for your wellbeing and mobility, it will normally be covered by adequate insurance. Our bunion Hong Kong clinic accepts different insurance policies, and we advise you to verify coverage with your policy holder beforehand.

10. Can the bunion return after completing the treatment? ?

This depends on your body type, lifestyle and recovery. In some patients, bunions may return on the same foot or may occur on the other foot. However, there is high evidence of bunion deformity not recurring in many bunion Hong Kong patients after treatment. You can consult our bunion doctor in HK for more information or recommendations.