Conference Presentations by Dr. Wu of his Non-Bone-Breaking Bunion Surgery

  • 1982:  Resident's Day First Prize
  • 1984:  Ontario Orthopaedic Association., Toronto Canada
  • 1990:  Foot & Ankle Society of AAOS, Pitts. USA
  • 1993:  Annual Congress of Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
  • 2003:  2nd Beijing/Hong Kong Medical Exchange
  • 2007:  Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association., Seoul, Korea
  • 2007:  Annual Congress of Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association
  • 2011:  Conference: Foot & Ankle, Beijing
  • 2011:  31st HKOA Annual Congress, 2011. Hong Kong.
  • 2012:  AAOS 2012, San Francisco, USA


Hong Kong and International Publications by Dr. Wu of his Bunion Surgery


Dr. Wu

Dr. Daniel Y. Wu is an orthopaedic surgeon trained in Canada and also certified in USA and Hong Kong. He was fortunate to have come across Dr. Michael Harrison in Hamilton, Canada and learned about an Italian non-bone-breaking bunion surgery that appealed very much to his belief in the treatment of the bunion condition. Dr. Wu has always believed bunion deformity is primarily a soft tissue problem and it would be best and most ideally resolved by soft tissue means without breaking the usually normal bones. Dr. Wu carried on Dr. Harrison's vision and steadily refined his technique to maximize its functional results consistently. Human foot is more for function than for show and should also bunion surgeries be. He named this non-bone-breaking bunion technique the "syndesmosis procedure" to mainly reflect the very essence of the concept behind this unique surgical technique. After years of observation, he was encouraged by its safety and results to set up a practice dedicated to the advancement of the non-bone-breaking concept in bunion surgery.

Press Releases

Bunion press conference - 09-06-2014

Bunion press conference - 09-06-2014
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非截骨手術治拇趾外翻效佳HK Economic Daily
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Survey conducted with Hong Kong Baptist University

In June 2008, the Center for Non-Bone-Breaking Bunion Surgery initiated a survey with the co-operation of the Hong Kong Baptist University to study the incidence, cause and general awareness of the bunion conditions among Hong Kong Chinese women.

Out of the 1,056 women who returned their questionnaire, 36.5% had some degree of bunion deformity. Contrary to the much blamed high-heeled shoes, our survey revealed that vast majority (83%) of bunion sufferers did not wear much high heel shoes at all. On the other hand, 88% had a positive family history for bunion deformity.

The results are summarized as below.

Total 1056 surveyed 395 (36.5%) had bunions High heels (+) High heels (-)
395 (36.5%) had bunions 100% 17% 83%
Family History (+) 88% 14% 74%
Family History (-) 12% 3% 9%


News Updates

Bunion newsletter

「健障行」慈善步行樂 - 2017年10月22日

「健障行」慈善步行樂 - 2015年11月15日

Dr Daniel Wu - Taking Steps to Ease Bunion Pain

Of all foot ailments, the bunion is probably the best known and most troublesome.

It affects predominantly women with more than 90 per cent of cases occurring on the feet of females.

Although high heeled and pointy-toed shoes have been commonly blamed for bunions (hallux valgus), heredity and female hormones are actually much more important factors.

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Fund-raising charity walk 2014

Dr. Wu has always interested in participating charity events himself. He thought it would be a natural opportunity for him to help seed the charity culture in HK by raising funds by patients with their renewed feet to help others in need. Year 2014 was our sixth annual charity walk. It was held in the picturesque Aberdeen Reservoir and Country Park with a special theme of ‘BUN-FUN Charity Hike for Children’. It was a walk participated not only by our ex-bunion patients but also the beneficiary children and their parents from the Heep Hong Society to give them the hope that their adversity will one day also be fully overcome and our belief that they will also carry on the charitable spirit of helping others.

Dr. Wu with beneficiary children and his ex-bunion patients at the starting point of their hike.

A happy and gratifying ending of a healthy and meaningful event.

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News Report by Hee Hong Society

2012 Participation

in Hong Kong Cancer Fund’s “Strike for a Cure” charity walk by Dr. Wu and his ex-bunion patients

Our "Yes We Can!" themed annual charity walk

was inaugarated in 2008 in support of the Hong Kong Community Chest walk along the Tolo Harbor in New Territory.

2009 unique charity walk on the yet to-be-open new Stonecutters Bridge