Dr. Wu

Dr. Daniel Y. Wu is an orthopaedic surgeon trained in Canada and also certified in USA and Hong Kong. He was fortunate to have come across Dr. Michael Harrison in Hamilton, Canada and learned about an Italian non-bone-breaking bunion surgery that appealed very much to his belief in the treatment of the bunion condition. Dr. Wu has always believed bunion deformity is primarily a soft tissue problem and it would be best and most ideally resolved by soft tissue means without breaking the usually normal bones. Dr. Wu carried on Dr. Harrison's vision and steadily refined his technique to maximize its functional results consistently. Human foot is more for function than for show and should also bunion surgeries be. He named this non-bone-breaking bunion technique the "syndesmosis procedure" to mainly reflect the very essence of the concept behind this unique surgical technique. After years of observation, he was encouraged by its safety and results to set up a practice dedicated to the advancement of the non-bone-breaking concept in bunion surgery.